Drug and Alcohol Compliance

Provides compliance with the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) rule, 49 CFR Part 40, required procedures for conducting workplace drug and alcohol testing for the Federally regulated transportation industry.


With Drug and Alcohol Test Programs


49CFR Part 382 & 40
Drug and Alcohol Compliance

Once you receive your authority to operate in interstate or intrastate commerce you must comply with all FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Testing if you or your
drivers operate any of the following.

  • A vehicle in excess of 26,000 GVW-Gross Vehicle Weight
  • A vehicle combined with another vehicle in tow to exceed 26,000 GVW
  • A vehicle of any size vehicle requiring a placard
Upload Proof of Enrollment

Upon receiving your DOT authority you will be required to log online and upload proof of enrollment.

Legal Fees

Under 49 CFR Part 382 & 40, the Secretary of Transportation may impose fines up to $10,000 on employers who are not in compliance with drug and alcohol regulations.

Drug & Alcohol Compliance Program

The Drug and Alcohol compliance program is to insure your CDL drivers are not under the influence of any illegal substances per DOT Regulations.



Once you have completed your enrollment we will issue your drug and alcohol compliance CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE